LaFleur Leagues coordinates and organizes leagues throughout North Dakota and Western Minnesota to help participants of all skill levels qualify for national tournaments. Join a league or one of our events. Schedules, stats, and registration forms are all available online.

Our league coordinators combine their passion for bar sports and creative management philosophy, merging them into a sure bullseye for your dart league.

Our pool leagues are fun, energizing social experiences. Applicable to all skill levels. Gather your friends, form a team, join our leagues.

In order to qualify to sign up for an NDTA tournament, registrants must have 5 nights of play on the same sanctioned team.

Upcoming Events  


Registration for the 2022 NDTA Singles, Doubles & Triples is now open through the link on our website below.


Registration for 2022 Uptown Tournament. Now open to ANY dart players from any league organization.


Registration for 2022 LaFleur’s Extravaganza. Pool and Dart players will have 3 events to choose from.


2022 NDA Regional Tournaments! All players with 48 games in an NDA qualified league from prior year qualify.

LaFleur Leagues will assist in your registrations and league selection in order to qualify in national tournaments. All entries are accepted on a first come-first serve basis.